Dreamscape - Art Show - Flier

1. a dreamlike, often surrealistic scene
2. a painting depicting such a scene

Come experience what the artists of The Pharmacy have created within the realm of the dreamscape. Explore installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, music, and video that evoke dreams and bring artistic dreams to life.

– Friday May 31st, 6pm-9pm
Opening reception and art show

– Saturday June 1st, 6pm-9pm
Continuation of art show; live music by Kenyon DeShasier, Eric Marvel, MLR, and Vincent Sebastian

Free and open to the public

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The Pharmacy is an art studio, gallery, performance venue, and arts center.

Member artists are: Wendy Allen, Joan Burmeister, Delinda Chapman, Bill Crook, Diane DeLeonardo, Jim Edgecomb, James T. Elliot, M. L. Finch, Edward Haber, Cydne LaBonte, Marco Mulder, Patricia Myers, Felicia Olin, Michelle Pacione, Timothy Donavan Russell, Diane Schleyhahn, Janet Sgro, Mary Ellen Strack, Andrew Tinge, Kristin Walker, Bernie White-Hatcher, Jeff Williams, Nick Wood, and Teri Zee.