Coming Events


On Saturday June 30th, Pharmacy members Jeff C Williams and Timothy Donavan Russell present another installment of their popular live performance events called Musical Chairs. Renowned for its unique format in which performers take turns playing short sets, this type of show usually features only musicians. However, now Jeff and Timothy have mixed the format up a bit by getting two poets to join in the turn-taking!

When: Saturday June 30th, 7-10pm
Where: The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space
Admission: $5 (All ages welcome)


Johari Idusuyi
Springfield celebrity poet Johari will be bringing some verse. Come for the spoken words; stay for the spoken words!


Jess Knight
Also a member of the band Looming, Jess will be playing acoustic guitar versions of Looming, possibly with a cover or two thrown in.


Timothy Donavan Russell
Timothy will be entertaining with his original songs played on ukulele and foot percussion.


Brooke Thomas & Chris Warren
Brooke and Chris are regular performers in the area scene. They will be playing originals on acoustic guitars and ukulele.


Jeff C Williams
Well known for fronting legendary punk band NIL8, Jeff will be playing solo versions of NIL8 tunes.


Ian Winterbauer
Playwright, Kemetic priest, and the Tallest Poet on Earth, Ian will also be bringing some verse.




Pharmacy member artist M.L. Finch has recently begun hosting a wonderful weekly pair of regular events every Monday and Tuesday evening.

On Mondays, Portrait Painters Club meets 6:30 to 9:30pm to practice portrait painting in a relaxed community setting or even simply to work on other projects. Admission is free! The only stipulation in attending is you have to be willing to sit as a model occasionally! Models are clothed, and all skills levels are welcome!

On Tuesdays, Open Studio Springfield takes place 6:30 to 9:30pm. Open Studio is an excellent opportunity for improving drawing skills, hand-eye coordination, and analytical skills in a studio setting among peers. Models are undraped. The Pharmacy provides easels, drawing boards, and clips. We also have drawing materials if you’re not sure what to bring or don’t have time to bring your own. Cost of admission is $15 per session, $10 for high school students. All are welcome in this energetic and supportive environment.

To find out more information about either one of these regular events at The Pharmacy, you can visit the Facebook page here:

…or send an email inquiry to:

Please note that Portrait Painters Club and Open Studio Springfield events do not take place on holidays and during times when our gallery is closed for setting up an exhibition.