Vince Merriman

About the Artist
Vince was born in 1969 and has been a lifelong resident of Springfield IL. His passion for creating art began in his teenage years. He would often create and display his creations for friends in an abandoned shack known as the chicken house. Many years have gone by and he still struggles with calling or thinking of himself as an artist. He sees himself more as one who makes creations that other find a special connection to or sees as artistic. Vince continues to hone his skills and to stretch his creativity.

Artist Statement
I see beauty in neglected and no longer useful object. I take these items and give them new life and a new purpose. When I find an old dirty rusty forgotten item it’s like I have struck gold. I can sit and look at these items and see what they were and what I can create with them to give them new life. I love to hear the stories and memories of people who stop and look at my creations. You can see the spark in their eye when they say I had one of those or my parents had one like that. I love to take discarded items and turn them into lighting or works of art for others to enjoy.

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