Timothy Donavan Russell

About the Artist
With a history of guitar playing, drumming, keyboarding, and working with technology Timothy has been a life-long experimental musician, and he joined The Pharmacy in 2016 as the first member to be solely a contributing musician—adding background music, audiovisual installations, and sounds to gallery exhibitions. Since then Timothy has branched out in our group into 2-D visual media with an emphasis on photography of light sources through pieces of glass, a series he calls Ethereality (examples below). He has recently experienced a significant change in direction in his music-making, from ambient/soundscape genres to rock by way of guitar playing and singing. His tangential influences include astronomy, science-fiction, humor, horror movies, and the social causes of civil rights. He earned his Bachelor of Science in psychology at Illinois State University in 1993 and subsequently took a number of English Studies classes as a graduate student at the same college, focusing on cultural studies, drama, postmodernism, and fiction-writing. To learn more about Timothy and his endeavors visit his website at the link below.
Artist Statement
Willing to learn. Not in hurry. Space age love song.