Nick Wood

Artist Statement

I consider myself a life-long student and as a painter I am always in a state of visual research. I create artworks as a reaction to the world or “classroom” in which you and I share. My goal as a painter simply to explore the world of ambiguity and the unknown, a place where there is no law, this allows me to sort out the physical world we share daily, one of which is full of restrictions, laws and ideas that tend to be concrete. I have an obsession with process and the notion of painting within a comfortable state of ambiguity and abstraction, this most often lead me to answers to questions I never knew I asked.

I have been finding myself exploring the relationship between two “worlds” within my painting, the organic and the geometric. I see the organic approach to painting as the unconscious and uncontrollable state of free creation. This generally feels like play and is the most honest state of creating I can tap into. I feel as I am a kid again exploring how to express myself. On the other hand, I view the geometric side as the concrete “awareness” side of a careful plan of composition, generally more deliberate and narrative. I am interested in the tension that is created when one combines the organic geometric elements of shape, texture and color. One can make a powerful statement with just a line. I most often include an unlimited number of layers in my painting process that happens over an extended period of time, generally revealing a visual dialog of my creative state of mind. It is the pursuit to find a world that is created entirely through the nature of the paint, combined narration and interpretations of texture to create a synthesis that drives me as a painter. I simply drive myself with materials alone at times. The visual research allows for a great deal of exploration of personal expression, as well as excitement and unexpected ideas for new work. Ultimately I am creating and sharing hopefully to inspire others to engage and evoke thought, to challenge the viewer to question everything, my paintings included. The idea of never settling and staying in a state of foolishness or in a state of hunger for knowledge is one idea I cherish as a painter.