Bernie White-Hatcher

About the Artist
Raised in the Midwest, Bernie has lived in Illinois since 1960, receiving a BA in communications, majoring in fine art & design, and an MA in arts management from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Along with a on-going pursuit of painting since the late 60s, she worked as a draftsman and drafting supervisor for the Bell System, a graphic designer and manager of graphics and illustration at SIU School of Medicine, and as part-time adjunct faculty at Lincoln Land Community College in Arts and Education. Now retired, Bernie concentrates on painting. She lives in Springfield, IL.

Artist Statement
As we age, most of us change and so does our perspective on life. How we ‘see’ things affects what we do, what we produce. As an artist, it has become evident in my work over time. The traditional landscapes I had painted began to evolve in past years, and a new look gradually emerged. Horizontal landscapes—half sky, half land—gave way to ’scapes viewed from a hill or mound. Those transitioned to aerial views, as if viewed from an airplane. The new paintings, still of land and nature, are more abstract, though in some, buildings and objects are definable.


Transmission (30″x40″ acrylic)
Bioregion (22″x28″, acrylic)
Alizarin Square (30″x40″, acrylic)