Metamorphosis: The Pharmacy’s Eighth Art Exhibition


Featuring Contemporary Project Artist Laurel Hogan

The Pharmacy presents a group exhibition to the community of Springfield that features diverse and new work, in a variety of media, from all artist members of the collective. In addition to the group exhibition, the Pharmacy has curated with contemporary project artist Laurel Hogan. Works will be presented to the public on Saturday, April 5, from 6:00-9:00 PM at the Pharmacy Gallery, located at 401 South Grand Ave in Springfield, Illinois.

The Pharmacy collective members have long been preparing for the exhibit with the renovation of the new Gallery Space in the old Watts Bros Pharmacy building.  Our studio space relocated to the top floor of the building with breathtaking natural lighting that pours throughout the space.  We are fortunate to have acquired this space and are thankful to our supportive network, which allowed this evolution to occur.  The Pharmacy group is thrilled to present the new space to the public.  “We continue to strategize ways to keep the recurring exhibits engaging, enjoyable, and even challenging. It’s quite exhilarating to once again offer Springfield a glimpse of what we, the collective members of the Pharmacy, have been hard at work with, while creating an atmosphere that is nurturing to our group and the community. We offer this to our community that essentially just can’t be experienced at this level anywhere else in the city.  So far, the feedback is enthusiastic and celebrates our efforts with us. For that, we are, and will remain, grateful,” says Janet Sgro, a Pharmacy artist and collective co-leader. Exhibiting Pharmacy artists include Jess Black, Jim Edgecomb, J.T. Elliott, Rachel Jennings, Keeley Mills, Felicia Olin, Danielle Paoni, Diane Schleyhahn, Janet Sgro and Jeff Williams.

Laurel Hogan will present her sculpture installation, on freestanding pedestals in Pharmacy Gallery Space. Laurel Hogan has a BFA from Western Illinois University.  Laurel is thrilled to be exhibiting alongside the artists of The Pharmacy.  The sculpture installation is comprised of three-dimensional insects treated in a most delicate way creating precious treasures that are fascinating.  “Each of my sculptures portrays the behavior and physical disposition of the insects to inspire curiosity and foster a connection between the subject matter and viewer.  My chosen process involves a thoughtful investigation of the animal’s habits, including their daily rituals.  Each segment was created individually and involved the use of paper, wire and wood.” states guest project artist, Laurel Hogan. For more information contact

The Pharmacy presents this multi-faceted event to the public on Saturday, April 5, 6:00-9:00 PM at the Pharmacy Gallery, located at 401 South Grand Ave. Entertainment will be coordinated by classical artist Andrew Tinge, a member of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra. For more information on the Pharmacy, visit Direct inquiries to

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