Pharmacy SCC Exhibition

SCC Exhibition
Date: May 21, 2013

The Pharmacy extends beyond Springfield to exhibit at Shawnee Community College

SPRINGFIELD – The Pharmacy collective is now exhibiting a group show at Shawnee Community College in Ullin, Illinois. The exhibit, located in Main Campus H Building, opened May 13th and will be open through August 9th. This exhibit marks an important milestone for the Pharmacy artists as they extend beyond the borders of Springfield to exhibit as a group.

Mike Faris, Art Instructor at Shawnee Community college in Ullin, Illinois – located over four hours away from Springfield – had caught wind of the ambitious Pharmacy mission and efforts and invited them to exhibit on campus. “I really love the idea of the Pharmacy and want the artists to have a new display venue and resource for publicity, plus I want people here to see the work from Pharmacy artists,” says Faris. The work will indeed reach a broad audience, as the gallery display area is located in the busiest walk-through of the school.

“In many ways this is a departure for the Pharmacy,” says Janet Sgro, a Pharmacy artist and collective co-leader. “We typically have the opportunity to exhibit our work to our community and generate sales. At Shawnee, the exhibition simply serves to offer our approaches to making to an audience of young and developing artists. It is exciting to contribute to their development.” This spirit of outreach will manifest in Springfield as well, as Sgro prepares to launch art classes for children at the Pharmacy, yet another sign of evolution within the collective.

Pharmacy artist Jed Leber volunteered to deliver all of the work to Shawnee. Initially he thought the drive there, in the rain, to be tedious, until he was greeted by enthusiastic students. “It was all worth it when I saw those faces light up. They were so excited. It really meant a lot to me,” said Leber.

Pharmacy artists exhibiting at Shawnee include Phil Ackerman, Jess Black, Jim Edgecomb, J.T. Elliott, Rachel Jennings, Jed Leber, Keely Mills, Felicia Olin, Diane Schleyhahn, Janet Sgro, and Jeff Williams. The entire Pharmacy collective will exhibit as a group again in Springfield, at the Pharmacy Warehouse Gallery, this July.

This summer-long exhibit can be seen on the Shawnee Community College campus in Ullin, Illinois. The exhibition space is located in Main Campus H Building. For more information on the Pharmacy, visit Direct inquiries to